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The 2013 Annual Assembly of the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. was held at St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Columbia MD. We are grateful to Fr. Constantine White, Dn. Sergius Miller and the parishioners of St. Matthew for their wonderful hospitality – and great food ;) -- in hosting the Assembly and the Clergy Retreat on the preceding day.  The day was made even more special since this was the Feast of St. Matthew, the patronal feast day of the parish.

The day began with a Divine Liturgy with Fr. Gregory Safchuk, Fr. Daniel Hubiak and Fr. John Vitko concelebrating and was followed by a wonderful brunch.  Unfortunately, His Beatitude was not able to attend because of his pneumonia, but asked that the Assembly proceed as scheduled and that our Chancellor, Fr. Gregory, lead the Assembly.  The full minutes of the Assembly will be issued at a later time, but some of the major items for the Assembly include:

  • The retirement of Fr. Gregory Safchuk as chancellor of the Archdiocese.  Our gratitude to him for his many years of excellent services.  May God grant him many years!
  • The appointment of Fr. John Vitko as the new chancellor of the Archdiocese.
  • The approval of the 2014 budget and assessments
  • The creation of a Diocesan Benefactors Fund to provide a vehicle for individuals to voluntarily contribute to support additional activities (e.g. seminaries, missions, outreach)
  • The resumption of the Archdiocesan publication, Kathedra, to be published quarterly via the Archdiocesan Website
  • The election of Fr. John Vitko as clergy delegate to the Metropolitan Council and of Fr. Dennis Buck as alternate clergy delegate to the Metropolitan Council.
  • The election of Matthew Matyuf as a lay member of the Auditing Committee.

The day concluded with Great Vespers.


Archdiocesan Assembly - 11/16/13

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The Archdiocese of the Washington, D.C. is part of the Orthodox Church in America, which is the local presence of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Jesus Christ and faithfully transmitted through her Scriptures, worship and prayer life, and through the teachings of the Holy Fathers.

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